Cooking Class tickets: Learn to Cook with your Child

Cooking Class tickets: Learn to Cook with your Child


SATURDAY APRIL 7: 11am - 2pm

This will be an interactive class for parents and kids (8 years old or older). We’ll go over the basics of the kitchen; knives and knife safety, working around the hot oven and range, keeping clean. Then we’ll get in to some cooking. Quiche is a great base recipe and we’ll make it from scratch. A fail-safe pie crust recipe and a quiche batter with lots of variations. We’ll make a vegetable side dish and some dessert for a full meal. Parents and kids attend this class as a team, one parent per child please.

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$100 Price is for 2 tickets, Parent and child (8 yrs or older)

These are fun and interactive classes in the private catering kitchen of Celilo, located at 215 Columbia Street in Hood River.
Enjoy the food you prepare with your classmates, conversation with Chef Ben, and the industrial atmosphere of a working kitchen.