At Celilo Restaurant, we are committed to a healthy and sustainable future. We source high quality, fresh food, grown miles from our doorstep. We make every attempt to buy naturally raised products and organic products when available. We pay attention to our output too. We reuse or recycle all of our glass, plastic, paper, aluminum, and tin. We compost all our food scraps, vegetables, and coffee grounds. We convert our used vegetable oils into bio-diesel.

Each small step is important.

We know you will taste the difference. And with a concerted effort, our children will too.

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Events with Celilo

“Know your food. Know what it is, where it comes from, who grew it, when it was harvested, how it was prepared. It is an honor to be a part of this simple ethic.”
— Chef Ben Stenn


These are fun and interactive classes in the private catering kitchen of Celilo, located at 215 Columbia Street in Hood River. Enjoy the food you prepare with your classmates, conversation with Chef Ben, and the industrial atmosphere of a working kitchen. Classes begin promptly at 6:00pm and last about 3 hours. $85/Ticket

Tuesday, January 29th, 6pm: Soups and Stocks

Winter is the best time of year for soup making. The soups of the world define each culture and we’ll go around the globe and find similarities in fundamentals and preparations. Stocks are the foundation of good soup. Bone broth has become popular in recent years and we’ll demystify the process.

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Tuesday, February 26th, 6pm: Pasta 

Fresh pasta is a singular treat that has been the domain of Italian grandmothers for decades. We’re bringing recipes and technique together so this can be a part of your cooking routine. We’ll mix some different pasta bases and then prepare many different shapes along with ravioli and other filled pastas. You can leave dry pasta behind.

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Tuesday, March 12th, 6pm: Mediterranean
The flavors of the Mediterranean bring together three distinctly different continents and influences in cooking. We’ll explore seafood from the south of France, spices and legumes from north Africa and lamb from the middle east. The different elements come together to present a lovely, complimentary meal.

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Wine To Go!

We now have our off premise license so we can sell bottles or cases of wine to go! Have a favorite wine you can’t find or want to start a wine collection? Need some wine for a party, wedding or special gathering? Need some wine advice? We are here for you! Email us at or come by for a visit.


If you live in the area and would like to receive our monthly wine offerings through Celilo Specialty Cellar, please email us and we’ll add you to our list. Each month we will offer 7 different wines- including imports, as well as 3 specialty food items for retail purchase.

Private Dinners

Reserve the Restaurant: Celilo is available as a private venue for parties of up to 75 guests. With this option, we will close the entire restaurant to the general public for the day or evening. You will have access to all of Celilo’s amenities, including a four course menu, a full staff of servers and bartenders, our i-pod compatible sound system, tables, chairs, flatware, plateware and glassware. We will be happy to help you make arrangements with florists and musicians to make your special event a truly memorable occasion.


Reserve a Table: Let Celilo help you host a luncheon or dinner party for gatherings of  12 to 20 guests. We will compose a prix fixe menu customized to suit your preferences and/or your dietary needs. Please call and inquire about specific dates, as summer and weekend availability is extremely limited.  We do not have a private dining room, so larger parties will be at tables next to each other in our main dining room.  This option is ideal for business lunches andmid week and off season dinners. Since we do not have a private dining area, this option is not ideal for rehearsal dinners or wedding parties.


Host a Private Dinner in Your Home: Chef Ben is happy to cater private dinners for parties of at least 8 people, starting at $100 per person. Private cooking classes are a favorite and also available at this price.