Our Mission and Philosophy at Celilo Restaurant and Bar

At Celilo Restaurant, we are committed to a healthy and sustainable future. To achieve our goals of responsible business ownership, we focus on one critical aspect of all that we do: LOCAL.

Local started out as our mantra; in regards to the purchasing of our ingredients in the kitchen. The reasons that are obvious. We source high quality, fresh food, grown miles from our doorstep. We make every attempt to buy naturally raised products and organic products when available.

Other considerations have also arisen. We pay attention to our output. We reuse or recycle all of our glass, plastic, paper, aluminum, and tin. We use unbleached paper sourced from consumer recycled fiber. We compost all our food scraps, vegetables, and coffee grounds. We convert our used vegetable oils into bio-diesel.

Supporting the local economy helps us in turn. We want our producers to use environmentally sound agriculture and sustainable farming practices. They produce great food that is healthy. The fossil fuel impact is minimal. And we benefit from the superior product grown in a safe living environment.

Each small step is important.

We know you will taste the difference. And with a concerted effort, our children will too.


Visit Sustainable Hood River the Facebook page to find out more sustainable initiatives going on in our town.


Celilo Restaurant and Bar - Sustainability

A Columbia River Restaurant who strives for sustainability