The Celilo Restaurant and Bar decorates its walls with art created by renowned local artists. 

Kent Ezzell – Ezzell Studios
Kent Ezzell’s hand-crafted doors feature a unique blend of art and technology. He uses a fine mix of wood, glass, and lighting to create a wide range of original designs. His doors can function as a stunning feature piece or as a unique accent, for both interior and exterior applications. Kent frequently collaborates with architects early in their design process. This allows seamless integration with the overall presentaiton. Design possibilities are limitless, bound only by imagination.

Ellen Dittebrandt – Dittebrandt Studio
Ellen communicated what she saw and felt by drawing. Many of her paintings show the changing colors that exist in shadows, in the evening’s light and sunsets, in the pure light of morning and in snow, sunlight and dusk. The way Dittebrandt used pastels gave her negative spaces a life of their own, and the shapes and colors we see in her work recreate the landscape she wanted to show us, her viewers. She was a first-class Impressionist whose lines of pastels of orange, red, purple, and yellow magically re-form as a tree or a barn or other landscapes when viewed from a distance. We are deeply saddened by her passing, and we are truly blessed to have two of her magnificent works in our space. With deep gratitude, we share the message of her friends and family: Be fearless. Be like Ellen. Ellen’s website is


Website Photography

We are so grateful to these talented photographers for their amazing images of our restaurant and our food:

Michael Peterson, Peterson Pro Media


Jennifer Gulizia, Gorge-Us Photography

Laurie Black

Blaine and Bethany Photography

Lance Koudele 

Sarah Jo Galbraith

Nolan Calisch

Alice Mosca