Hood River Catering: Celilo Approach

Looking for a Hood River catering company? Look no further.

For Celilo catering, good food is at the heart of any celebration. Celilo started with a desire to honor the bounty of this region that we love. This common goal has bonded our staff. The core of our catering crew has been working together for over 15 years. With these strong building blocks, we bring our commitment to you — honoring you and your families, for one of the most impo
Hood River Cateringrtant meals of your lives.

In our experience, we find that the food and staff we bring to your event fundamentally relate to many other aspects of your wedding experience. In an effort to seamlessly connect these things and simplify your entire process, we offer other wedding related packages and services: everything from event planning, to finding a DJ, to flowers, to hair and makeup, to decorations, to party favors, to invitations and thank you notes. It will be our goal to deliver an experience that is cohesive and represents the very best that this region and this community has to offer.